Subordo Aeolidiina

Odhner, 1934

Body bearing dorso-lateral clusters or rows of elongated finger-like ceratal processes, each of which contains a cnidosac and a tributary of the digestive gland; rhinophoral tentacles contractile, but never retractile into elaborate basal sheaths; anus antero-lateral, on the right side.

Source: Thompson, 1988.

The following subtaxa of this suborder occur in this region:

Family Aeolidiidae
Genus Aeolidia
Aeolidia papillosa
Genus Aeolidiella
Aeolidiella glauca
Family Flabellinidae
Genus Coryphella
Coryphella browni
Coryphella gracilis
Coryphella lineata
Coryphella pedata
Coryphella pellucida
Coryphella verrucosa
Family Tergipedidae
Genus Cuthona
Cuthona amoena
Cuthona caerulea
Cuthona concinna
Cuthona foliata
Cuthona gymnota
Cuthona nana
Cuthona pustulata
Cuthona rubescens
Cuthona viridis
Genus Tenellia
Tenellia adspersa
Genus Tergipes
Tergipes tergipes
Family Embletoniidae
Genus Embletonia
Embletonia pulchra
Family Eubranchidae
Genus Eubranchus
Eubranchus cingulatus
Eubranchus doriae
Eubranchus exiguus
Eubranchus farrani
Eubranchus pallidus
Eubranchus tricolor
Eubranchus vittatus
Family Facelinidae
Genus Facelina
Facelina bostoniensis
Facelina coronata
Family Favorinidae
Genus Favorinus
Favorinus blianus
Favorinus branchialis