Familia Tergipedidae

Bergh, 1889

Generally small aeolidaceans having an acleioproctic anal position; cerata in even rows, often reduced in number, fusiform or clavate. Propodial tentacles rudimentary or absent. Oral and rhinophoral tentacles smooth, the latter 1.5 to twice as long as the former; oral tentacles reduced or lost in Tenellia. The penis sometimes has a tubular chitinous stylet; the vas deferens is prostatic and there is a small accessory penial gland which opens separately into the penis sheath; a bursa copulatrix is present, opening into the female atrium.
The cutting edges of the jaws are thin and often lack denticulations. The radula is uniseriate; the median cusp is sometimes dwarfed by lateral denticles, but more usually projects beyond them.

Source: Thompson, 1988.

The following subtaxa of this family occur in the region:

Genus Cuthona
Cuthona amoena
Cuthona caerulea
Cuthona concinna
Cuthona foliata
Cuthona gymnota
Cuthona nana
Cuthona pustulata
Cuthona rubescens
Cuthona viridis
Genus Tenellia
Tenellia adspersa
Genus Tergipes
Tergipes tergipes