Phylum Mollusca

The molluscs are one of the largest groups of marine organisms and, with the exception of the Monoplacophora, representatives of all classes can be found in British waters. Living molluscs occur in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems, and in the latter case have become adapted to every kind of habitat from abyssal oozes to oceanic surface currents.
Molluscs are unsegmented, bilaterally symmetrical animals. The body consists of a muscular foot, a variously developed head, and a soft, non-muscular visceral mass. The foot may be adapted for grasping the substratum, for locomotion, burrowing or feeding, and is often closely associated with the head. In the gastropods the head is usually well developed, with paired sensory organs and often specialised feeding apparatus. The buccal cavity contains a complex, eversible structure, the odontophore, associated with a chitinous, toothed ribbon, the radula. In bivalves the head has regressed, and feeding and sensory functions are carried out by other parts of the body. In cephalopods the head and foot are integrated in the anterior, tentacle-bearing end of the animal. The main body organs of the mollusc are concentrated in the visceral mass, primitively situated dorsally towards the posterior end of the animal. The visceral mass is enclosed by a wide fold of body wall, the mantle or pallium. The mantle edge secretes the calcareous external shell, characteristic of molluscs, although secondarily absent in many taxonomic groups. The shell is three-layered, with an organic outer layer, the periostracum, a middle layer of columnar calcite, and an inner layer of laminated calcite, often nacreous. The mantle skirt covers the whole of the animal and typically incorporates a mantle or pallial cavity, primitively posterior in position. In primitive gastropods it contains the anus, the paired openings of the gonads and kidneys, and paired gills, or ctenidia, together with sensory organs, osphradia, and a mucus-secreting hypobranchial gland. Circulation and sanitation within the pallial cavity are aided by cilia and mucus-secreting cells. In the bivalves, in which the whole animal lies within an enlarged mantle cavity, ciliary/mucus gill cleansing has been adapted to microphagous feeding; the head has largely disappeared, and the mouth is equipped with pronounced labial palps for the collection of detritus-laden mucus.
In all molluscs the coelom is represented by a small cavity surrounding the heart and gonads. The blood circulatory system is open, and both blood and coelomic fluid circulate through extensive haemocoelic spaces which serve as an efficient hydrostatic skeleton. In primitive molluscs sexes are separate, fertilisation is external, and embryos develop as planktonic trochophore larvae. Although most marine molluscs are still dioecious, hermaphroditism is the rule in terrestrial groups; simultaneous or consecutive hermaphrodites are known among certain families of marine molluscs, while the subclass Opisthobranchia is entirely monoecious.

Source: Hayward et al., 1990.

The following subtaxa of this phylum occur in the region:

Class Bivalvia
Class Caudofoveata
Class Cephalopoda
Class Gastropoda
Class Polyplacophora
Class Scaphopoda
Class Solenogastres
Subclass Anomalodesmata
Subclass Coleoidea
Subclass Heterobranchia
Subclass Heterodonta
Subclass Opisthobranchia
Subclass Prosobranchia
Subclass Protobranchia
Subclass Pteromorphia
Subclass Pulmonata
Superorder Archaeogastropoda
Superorder Caenogastropoda
Order Acochlidioidea
Order Anaspidea
Order Arcoida
Order Basommatophora
Order Cavibelonia
Order Cephalaspidea
Order Chaetodermatida
Order Docoglossa
Order Heterostropha
Order Lepidopleurida
Order Myoida
Order Mytiloida
Order Neogastropoda
Order Neomeniamorpha
Order Neotaenioglossa
Order Notaspidea
Order Nuculoida
Order Nudibranchia
Order Octopoda
Order Ostreoida
Order Pholadomyoida
Order Pholidoskepia
Order Pterioida
Order Sacoglossa
Order Sepioidea
Order Teuthoidea
Order Veneroida
Order Vetigastropoda
Suborder Aeolidiina
Suborder Arminina
Suborder Dendronotina
Suborder Doridina
Suborder Incirrata
Suborder Myopsida
Suborder Oegopsida
Suborder Ptenoglossa
Superfamily Ellobioidea
Superfamily Scissurelloidea
Family Acanthochitonidae
Family Aclididae
Family Acmaeidae
Family Acteonidae
Family Adeorbidae
Family Aegiretidae
Family Aeolidiidae
Family Akeridae
Family Aldisidae
Family Anomiidae
Family Aplysiidae
Family Aporrhaiidae
Family Archidorididae
Family Arcidae
Family Arcticidae
Family Arminidae
Family Asperspinidae
Family Assimineidae
Family Astartidae
Family Barleeidae
Family Brachioteuthidae
Family Buccinidae
Family Caecidae
Family Calyptraeidae
Family Capulidae
Family Cardiidae
Family Cerithiidae
Family Cerithiopsidae
Family Chaetodermatidae
Family Chromodorididae
Family Cimidae
Family Corambidae
Family Corbulidae
Family Cranchiidae
Family Cuspidariidae
Family Cylichnidae
Family Dendronotidae
Family Dentaliidae
Family Diaphanidae
Family Discodorididae
Family Donacidae
Family Dondersiidae
Family Dotidae
Family Ebalidae
Family Ellobiidae
Family Elysiidae
Family Embletoniidae
Family Epitoniidae
Family Eratoidae
Family Eubranchidae
Family Eulimidae
Family Facelinidae
Family Favorinidae
Family Fissurellidae
Family Flabellinidae
Family Glycymerididae
Family Gonatidae
Family Goniodorididae
Family Haliotidae
Family Hanleyidae
Family Heroidae
Family Hiatellidae
Family Hydrobiidae
Family Iravadiidae
Family Ischnochitonidae
Family Kelliidae
Family Kentrodorididae
Family Lacunidae
Family Lamellariidae
Family Lasaeidae
Family Lepetidae
Family Leptochitonidae
Family Leptonidae
Family Limidae
Family Limifossoridae
Family Littorinidae
Family Loliginidae
Family Lomanotidae
Family Lottiidae
Family Lucinidae
Family Lyonsiidae
Family Mactridae
Family Microhedylidae
Family Montacutidae
Family Muricidae
Family Myidae
Family Mytilidae
Family Nassariidae
Family Naticidae
Family Neomeniidae
Family Neritidae
Family Noetidae
Family Nuculanidae
Family Nuculidae
Family Octopodidae
Family Omalogyridae
Family Ommastrephidae
Family Onchidorididae
Family Ostreidae
Family Otinidae
Family Ovulidae
Family Pandoridae
Family Patellidae
Family Pectinidae
Family Periplomatidae
Family Petricolidae
Family Pharidae
Family Phaseolidae
Family Philinidae
Family Philinoglossidae
Family Pholadidae
Family Pinnidae
Family Pleurobranchidae
Family Polybranchiidae
Family Polyceridae
Family Psammobiidae
Family Pyramidellidae
Family Ranellidae
Family Retusidae
Family Rhopalomeniidae
Family Rissoellidae
Family Rissoidae
Family Rostangidae
Family Runcinidae
Family Scissurellidae
Family Scrobiculariidae
Family Semelidae
Family Sepiidae
Family Sepiolidae
Family Siphonodentaliidae
Family Skeneidae
Family Skeneopsidae
Family Solecurtidae
Family Solenidae
Family Stiligeridae
Family Tellinidae
Family Teredinidae
Family Tergipedidae
Family Thraciidae
Family Thyasiridae
Family Tornidae
Family Tricoliidae
Family Triphoridae
Family Tritoniidae
Family Triviidae
Family Trochidae
Family Turridae
Family Turritellidae
Family Turtoniidae
Family Ungulinidae
Family Velutinidae
Family Veneridae
Family Xylophagidae
Family Yoldiidae
Family Zephyrinidae
Subfamily Polybranchiinae
Genus Abra
Genus Acanthocardia
Genus Acanthochitona
Genus Acanthodoris
Genus Aclis
Genus Acmaea
Genus Acteon
Genus Adalaria
Genus Aegires
Genus Aeolidia
Genus Aeolidiella
Genus Aequipecten
Genus Akera
Genus Alderia
Genus Aldisa
Genus Alloteuthis
Genus Alvania
Genus Amauropsis
Genus Ammonicera
Genus Anatoma
Genus Ancula
Genus Anomia
Genus Ansates
Genus Aplysia
Genus Aporrhais
Genus Arca
Genus Archidoris
Genus Arcopagia
Genus Arctica
Genus Armina
Genus Asperspina
Genus Assiminea
Genus Astarte
Genus Atrina
Genus Auriculinella
Genus Bankia
Genus Barleeia
Genus Barnea
Genus Bathyarca
Genus Bela
Genus Beringius
Genus Berthella
Genus Bittium
Genus Brachioteuthis
Genus Buccinum
Genus Cadlina
Genus Cadulus
Genus Caecum
Genus Calliopaea
Genus Calliostoma
Genus Callochiton
Genus Calyptraea
Genus Capulus
Genus Cardiomya
Genus Cerastoderma
Genus Cerithiella
Genus Cerithiopsis
Genus Chaetoderma
Genus Chamelea
Genus Charonia
Genus Cheirodonta
Genus Chlamys
Genus Chrysallida
Genus Cima
Genus Cingula
Genus Circulus
Genus Clausinella
Genus Clelandella
Genus Cochlodesma
Genus Colpodaspis
Genus Colus
Genus Comarmondia
Genus Corambe
Genus Corbula
Genus Coryphella
Genus Crassadoma
Genus Crassostrea
Genus Crenella
Genus Crepidula
Genus Crisilla
Genus Cuspidaria
Genus Cuthona
Genus Cylichna
Genus Dendronotus
Genus Dentalium
Genus Devonia
Genus Diaphana
Genus Dikoleps
Genus Diodora
Genus Diplodonta
Genus Donax
Genus Dosinia
Genus Doto
Genus Ebala
Genus Eledone
Genus Elysia
Genus Emarginula
Genus Embletonia
Genus Ensis
Genus Epilepton
Genus Epitonium
Genus Erato
Genus Eubranchus
Genus Eulima
Genus Eulimella
Genus Euspira
Genus Facelina
Genus Falcidens
Genus Favorinus
Genus Galiteuthis
Genus Gari
Genus Geitodoris
Genus Gibbula
Genus Glycymeris
Genus Gonatus
Genus Goniodoris
Genus Goodallia
Genus Gouldia
Genus Graphis
Genus Haliella
Genus Haliotis
Genus Hanleya
Genus Hemilepton
Genus Hermaea
Genus Hero
Genus Heteranomia
Genus Hiatella
Genus Hyala
Genus Hyalopecten
Genus Hydrobia
Genus Idas
Genus Illex
Genus Iothia
Genus Irus
Genus Ischnochiton
Genus Janolus
Genus Jorunna
Genus Jujubinus
Genus Kellia
Genus Lacuna
Genus Laevicardium
Genus Lamellaria
Genus Lasaea
Genus Lepeta
Genus Lepidochitona
Genus Leptochiton
Genus Lepton
Genus Limacia
Genus Limapontia
Genus Limaria
Genus Limatula
Genus Limea
Genus Liomesus
Genus Littorina
Genus Loligo
Genus Lomanotus
Genus Loripes
Genus Lucinella
Genus Lucinoma
Genus Lutraria
Genus Lyonsia
Genus Macoma
Genus Mactra
Genus Mangelia
Genus Manzonia
Genus Margarites
Genus Marshallora
Genus Melanella
Genus Melaraphe
Genus Mercenaria
Genus Mercuria
Genus Microhedyle
Genus Modiolarca
Genus Modiolula
Genus Modiolus
Genus Montacuta
Genus Musculus
Genus Mya
Genus Myrtea
Genus Mysella
Genus Mysia
Genus Mytilus
Genus Nassarius
Genus Nematomenia
Genus Neomenia
Genus Neptunea
Genus Noemiamea
Genus Nototeredo
Genus Nucella
Genus Nucula
Genus Nuculana
Genus Nuculoma
Genus Obtusella
Genus Ocenebra
Genus Octopus
Genus Odostomia
Genus Oenopota
Genus Okenia
Genus Omalogyra
Genus Ommastrephes
Genus Onchidoris
Genus Ondina
Genus Onoba
Genus Osilinus
Genus Ostrea
Genus Otina
Genus Ovatella
Genus Palliolum
Genus Pandora
Genus Panomya
Genus Paphia
Genus Parvicardium
Genus Patella
Genus Pecten
Genus Pelseneeria
Genus Petricola
Genus Pharus
Genus Phaseolus
Genus Phaxas
Genus Philine
Genus Philinoglossa
Genus Pholas
Genus Placida
Genus Pleurobranchus
Genus Pododesmus
Genus Polycera
Genus Potamopyrgus
Genus Propilidium
Genus Pseudamussium
Genus Psiloteredo
Genus Puncturella
Genus Pusillina
Genus Raphitoma
Genus Retusa
Genus Rhopalomenia
Genus Rissoa
Genus Rissoella
Genus Rossia
Genus Rostanga
Genus Roxania
Genus Runcina
Genus Saxicavella
Genus Scaphander
Genus Scrobicularia
Genus Scutopus
Genus Semisalsa
Genus Sepia
Genus Sepiella
Genus Sepietta
Genus Sepiola
Genus Simnia
Genus Skenea
Genus Skeneopsis
Genus Solecurtus
Genus Solen
Genus Sphenia
Genus Spisula
Genus Striarca
Genus Tapes
Genus Tectura
Genus Tellimya
Genus Tellina
Genus Tenellia
Genus Teredo
Genus Teredora
Genus Teretia
Genus Tergipes
Genus Teuthowenia
Genus Thecacera
Genus Theodoxus
Genus Thracia
Genus Thyasira
Genus Timoclea
Genus Todarodes
Genus Todaropsis
Genus Tonicella
Genus Tornus
Genus Trichotropis
Genus Tricolia
Genus Tritonia
Genus Trivia
Genus Trophon
Genus Troschelia
Genus Turbonilla
Genus Turritella
Genus Turtonia
Genus Typhlomangelia
Genus Urosalpinx
Genus Velutina
Genus Venerupis
Genus Ventrosia
Genus Venus
Genus Vitreolina
Genus Volutopsius
Genus Volvulella
Genus Xylophaga
Genus Yoldiella
Genus Zirfaea
Abra alba
Abra longicallus
Abra nitida
Abra prismatica
Abra tenuis
Acanthocardia echinata
Acanthocardia tuberculata
Acanthochitona crinita
Acanthochitona fascicularis
Acanthodoris pilosa
Aclis minor
Aclis walleri
Acmaea virginea
Acteon tornatilis
Adalaria proxima
Aegires punctilucens
Aeolidia papillosa
Aeolidiella glauca
Aequipecten opercularis
Akera bullata
Alderia modesta
Aldisa zetlandica
Alloteuthis media
Alloteuthis subulata
Alvania abyssicola
Alvania beani
Alvania cimicoides
Alvania jeffreysi
Alvania lactea
Alvania punctura
Alvania subsoluta
Amauropsis islandica
Ammonicera rota
Anatoma crispata
Ancula gibbosa
Anomia ephippium
Ansates pellucida
Aplysia punctata
Aporrhais pespelecani
Aporrhais serresianus
Arca nodulosa
Arca tetragona
Archidoris pseudoargus
Arcopagia balaustina
Arcopagia crassa
Arctica islandica
Armina loveni
Asperspina brambelli
Assiminea grayana
Astarte borealis
Astarte elliptica
Astarte montagui
Astarte sulcata
Atrina pectinata
Auriculinella erosa
Bankia fimbriatula
Barleeia unifasciata
Barnea candida
Barnea parva
Bathyarca pectunculoides
Bela brachystoma
Bela nebula
Beringius turtoni
Berthella plumula
Bittium reticulatum
Brachioteuthis riisei
Buccinum humphreysianum
Buccinum hydrophanum
Buccinum undatum
Cadlina laevis
Cadulus subfusiformis
Caecum clarkii
Caecum glabrum
Caecum trachea
Calliopaea bellula
Calliostoma occidentale
Calliostoma zizyphinum
Callochiton septemvalvis
Calyptraea chinensis
Capulus ungaricus
Cardiomya costellata
Cerastoderma edule
Cerastoderma lamarcki
Cerithiella metula
Cerithiopsis tubercularis
Chaetoderma nitidulum
Chamelea striatula
Charonia lampas
Cheirodonta pallescens
Chlamys sulcata
Chlamys varia
Chrysallida indistincta
Chrysallida interstincta
Chrysallida nivosa
Chrysallida pellucida
Chrysallida sarsi
Cima minima
Cingula trifasciata
Circulus striatus
Clausinella fasciata
Clelandella miliaris
Cochlodesma praetenue
Colpodaspis pusillus
Colus gracilis
Colus islandicus
Colus jeffreysianus
Comarmondia gracilis
Corambe obscura
Corbula gibba
Coryphella browni
Coryphella gracilis
Coryphella lineata
Coryphella pedata
Coryphella pellucida
Coryphella verrucosa
Crassadoma pusio
Crassostrea gigas
Crassostrea virginica
Crenella decussata
Crepidula fornicata
Crisilla semistriata
Cuspidaria cuspidata
Cuspidaria obesa
Cuspidaria rostrata
Cuthona amoena
Cuthona caerulea
Cuthona concinna
Cuthona foliata
Cuthona gymnota
Cuthona nana
Cuthona pustulata
Cuthona rubescens
Cuthona viridis
Cylichna cylindracea
Dendronotus frondosus
Dentalium entalis
Dentalium vulgare
Devonia perrieri
Diaphana minuta
Dikoleps pusilla
Diodora graeca
Diplodonta rotundata
Donax vittatus
Dosinia exoleta
Dosinia lupina
Doto coronata
Doto cuspidata
Doto dunnei
Doto fragilis
Doto millbayana
Doto pinnatifida
Doto tuberculata
Ebala nitidissima
Eledone cirrhosa
Elysia viridis
Emarginula crassa
Emarginula fissura
Emarginula rosea
Embletonia pulchra
Ensis americanus
Ensis arcuatus
Ensis ensis
Ensis minor
Ensis siliqua
Epilepton clarkiae
Epitonium clathratulum
Epitonium clathrus
Epitonium trevelyanum
Epitonium turtonis
Erato voluta
Eubranchus cingulatus
Eubranchus doriae
Eubranchus exiguus
Eubranchus farrani
Eubranchus pallidus
Eubranchus tricolor
Eubranchus vittatus
Eulima bilineata
Eulima glabra
Eulimella acicula
Eulimella scillae
Eulimella ventricosa
Euspira catena
Euspira fusca
Euspira montagui
Euspira pallida
Euspira pulchella
Facelina bostoniensis
Facelina coronata
Falcidens crossotus
Favorinus blianus
Favorinus branchialis
Galiteuthis armata
Gari costulata
Gari depressa
Gari fervensis
Gari tellinella
Geitodoris planata
Gibbula cineraria
Gibbula magus
Gibbula pennanti
Gibbula tumida
Gibbula umbilicalis
Glycymeris glycymeris
Gonatus fabricii
Goniodoris castanea
Goniodoris nodosa
Goodallia triangularis
Gouldia minima
Graphis albida
Haliella stenostoma
Haliotis tuberculata
Hanleya hanleyi
Hemilepton nitidum
Hermaea bifida
Hero formosa
Heteranomia squamula
Hiatella arctica
Hyala vitrea
Hyalopecten similis
Hydrobia neglecta
Hydrobia ulvae
Idas simpsoni
Illex coindetii
Iothia fulva
Irus irus
Ischnochiton albus
Janolus cristatus
Janolus hyalinus
Jorunna tomentosa
Jujubinus exasperatus
Jujubinus montagui
Jujubinus striatus
Kellia suborbicularis
Lacuna crassior
Lacuna pallidula
Lacuna parva
Lacuna vincta
Laevicardium crassum
Lamellaria latens
Lamellaria perspicua
Lasaea rubra
Lepeta caeca
Lepidochitona cinerea
Leptochiton asellus
Leptochiton cancellatus
Lepton squamosum
Limacia clavigera
Limapontia capitata
Limapontia depressa
Limapontia senestra
Limaria hians
Limatula gwyni
Limatula subauriculata
Limea loscombi
Liomesus ovum
Littorina arcana
Littorina fabalis
Littorina littorea
Littorina neglecta
Littorina nigrolineata
Littorina obtusata
Littorina saxatilis
Loligo forbesi
Loligo vulgaris
Lomanotus genei
Lomanotus marmoratus
Loripes lacteus
Lucinella divaricata
Lucinoma borealis
Lutraria angustior
Lutraria lutraria
Lyonsia norwegica
Macoma balthica
Macoma calcarea
Mactra stultorum
Mangelia attenuata
Mangelia coarctata
Mangelia smithii
Manzonia crassa
Margarites groenlandicus
Margarites helicinus
Marshallora adversa
Melanella alba
Melanella lubrica
Melanella monterosatoi
Melaraphe neritoides
Mercenaria mercenaria
Mercuria confusa
Microhedyle lactea
Modiolarca subpicta
Modiolula phaseolina
Modiolus barbatus
Modiolus modiolus
Montacuta substriata
Montacuta tenella
Musculus costulatus
Musculus discors
Musculus niger
Mya arenaria
Mya truncata
Myrtea spinifera
Mysella bidentata
Mysella dawsoni
Mysella tumidula
Mysia undata
Mytilus edulis
Mytilus galloprovincialis
Nassarius incrassatus
Nassarius nitidus
Nassarius pygmaeus
Nassarius reticulatus
Nematomenia banyulensis
Neomenia carinata
Neptunea antiqua
Neptunea contraria
Noemiamea dolioliformis
Nototeredo norvegica
Nucella lapillus
Nucula hanleyi
Nucula nitidosa
Nucula nucleus
Nucula sulcata
Nuculana minuta
Nuculana pernula
Nuculoma tenuis
Obtusella intersecta
Ocenebra erinacea
Octopus vulgaris
Odostomia acuta
Odostomia carrozzai
Odostomia conoidea
Odostomia conspicua
Odostomia eulimoides
Odostomia lukisii
Odostomia plicata
Odostomia scalaris
Odostomia turrita
Odostomia unidentata
Oenopota rufa
Oenopota trevelliana
Oenopota turricula
Okenia leachii
Okenia quadricornis
Omalogyra atomus
Ommastrephes bartramii
Onchidoris depressa
Onchidoris fusca
Onchidoris inconspicua
Onchidoris luteocincta
Onchidoris muricata
Onchidoris pusilla
Onchidoris sparsa
Ondina diaphana
Ondina divisa
Onoba aculea
Onoba semicostata
Osilinus lineatus
Ostrea edulis
Otina ovata
Ovatella denticulata
Ovatella myosotis
Palliolum furtivum
Palliolum striatum
Palliolum tigerinum
Pandora albida
Pandora pinna
Panomya arctica
Paphia aurea
Paphia rhomboides
Parvicardium exiguum
Parvicardium minimum
Parvicardium ovale
Parvicardium scabrum
Patella intermedia
Patella ulyssiponensis
Patella vulgata
Pecten maximus
Pelseneeria minor
Petricola pholadiformis
Pharus legumen
Phaseolus guilonardi
Phaxas pellucidus
Philine angulata
Philine aperta
Philine catena
Philine pruinosa
Philine punctata
Philine quadrata
Philine scabra
Philinoglossa helgolandica
Pholas dactylus
Placida dendritica
Pleurobranchus membranaceus
Pododesmus patelliformis
Pododesmus squama
Polycera dubia
Polycera faeroensis
Polycera notha
Polycera quadrilineata
Potamopyrgus antipodarum
Propilidium exiguum
Pseudamussium septemradiatum
Psiloteredo megotara
Puncturella noachina
Pusillina inconspicua
Pusillina sarsii
Raphitoma leufroyi
Raphitoma linearis
Raphitoma purpurea
Retusa obtusa
Retusa truncatula
Retusa umbilicata
Rhopalomenia aglaopheniae
Rissoa lilacina
Rissoa membranacea
Rissoa parva
Rissoa porifera
Rissoella diaphana
Rissoella globularis
Rissoella opalina
Rossia macrosoma
Rossia palpebrosa
Rostanga rubra
Roxania utricula
Runcina coronata
Saxicavella jeffreysi
Scaphander lignarius
Scrobicularia plana
Scutopus ventrolineatus
Semisalsa stagnorum
Sepia elegans
Sepia officinalis
Sepiella japonica
Sepietta neglecta
Sepietta oweniana
Sepiola atlantica
Sepiola aurantiaca
Simnia patula
Skenea serpuloides
Skeneopsis planorbis
Solecurtus chamasolen
Solecurtus scopula
Solen marginatus
Sphenia binghami
Spisula elliptica
Spisula solida
Spisula subtruncata
Striarca lactea
Tapes decussata
Tapes philippinarum
Tectura testudinalis
Tellimya ferruginosa
Tellina donacina
Tellina fabula
Tellina pygmaea
Tellina tenuis
Tenellia adspersa
Teredo navalis
Teredora malleolus
Teretia teres
Tergipes tergipes
Teuthowenia megalops
Thecacera pennigera
Theodoxus fluviatilis
Thracia convexa
Thracia distorta
Thracia papyracea
Thracia villosiuscula
Thyasira croulinensis
Thyasira equalis
Thyasira ferruginea
Thyasira flexuosa
Thyasira gouldi
Thyasira sarsi
Timoclea ovata
Todarodes sagittatus
Todaropsis eblanae
Tonicella marmoreus
Tonicella rubra
Tornus subcarinatus
Trichotropis borealis
Tricolia picta
Tritonia hombergi
Tritonia lineata
Tritonia plebeia
Trivia arctica
Trivia monacha
Trophon barvicensis
Trophon clathratus
Trophon muricatus
Trophon truncatus
Troschelia berniciensis
Turbonilla crenata
Turbonilla jeffreysii
Turbonilla lactea
Turbonilla rufescens
Turritella communis
Turtonia minuta
Typhlomangelia nivalis
Urosalpinx cinerea
Velutina plicatilis
Velutina velutina
Venerupis saxatilis
Venerupis senegalensis
Ventrosia ventrosa
Venus casina
Venus verrucosa
Vitreolina philippi
Volutopsius norwegicus
Volvulella acuminata
Xylophaga dorsalis
Xylophaga praestans
Yoldiella lucida
Yoldiella philippiana
Zirfaea crispata