Familia Cardiidae

Lamarck, 1809

Shell equivalve, tumid, both valves strongly convex; inequilateral, umbones just anterior to midline, prominent. Sculpture of bold radiating ribs, often with conspicuous spines, tubercles, or scales. Two peg-like cardinal teeth in each valve. Lateral teeth present. Adductor scars about equal, pallial line without sinus.

Source: Hayward, 1990.

The following subtaxa of this family occur in the region:

Genus Acanthocardia
Acanthocardia echinata
Acanthocardia tuberculata
Genus Cerastoderma
Cerastoderma edule
Cerastoderma lamarcki
Genus Laevicardium
Laevicardium crassum
Genus Parvicardium
Parvicardium exiguum
Parvicardium minimum
Parvicardium ovale
Parvicardium scabrum