Eubranchus vittatus

(Alder & Hancock, 1842)

This is one of the most rare British nudibranchs, found only once in living memory (near Salcombe, Devon). It may reach 29 mm in extended length, pale brown in body-colour, with rust coloured blotches. The cerata are pale brown, with 2-3 rusty brown bands and a distal white or yellow zone. There are up to 7 rows of cerata, with 4-7 in each half-row; they are elongated and slender. The tentacles are all brownish basally, with a rusty orange-brown band and a pale yellow tip.

It appears to feed upon the hydroid Nemertesia.

E. vittatus has been reliably reported only from Co. Galway, the North Sea and, as noted above, from Devon (Distr. E. vittatus).