Alvania jeffreysi

(Waller, 1864)

Description (shell):
Shell rather tall, slender, semitransparent, with 5-6 whorls. Whorls tumid, decorated with lattice work of costae and spiral ridges, the latter the better developed. There are nine or ten spiral ridges on the last whorl, three or four on the penult, three on the others apart from the larval shell (larval shell with zigzag spiral lines; A. jeffreysi-protoconch). Spiral ridges sometimes decrease in size on the base of the shell and near the varix. Costae are orthocline or slightly prosocline and number about 45 on the last whorl, 40 on the penult, and about 30 on each of the others. Costae die out on basal half of last whorl. Sutures are well marked. Umbilical chink present. Last whorl occupies 55-60 % of shell height, aperture 33 %. Aperture with varix but without internal teeth.

Up to 3 x 2 mm.

Glossy white or yellowish.

Lives on sandy bottoms between about 50 m and 600 m.

The species ranges from the Mediterranean to the Arctic (Distr. A. jeffreysi). It has, however, been found only once this century in British waters. Earlier records are from Scillies and Shetland.