Anatoma crispata

(Fleming, 1828)

Description (shell):
Small, delicate shell forming a globose spiral of two to five finely reticulate whorls, with prominent peripheral groove or 'slit-band'. For a short distance back from the outer lip, this groove penetrates the body whorl as a narrow slit through which setose pallial tentacles extend in living specimens. Posteriorly a thin, concentrically marked operculum.

Up to 3 x 4 mm.


Cephalic tentacles extensile, with pinnately branching setae. Rather long foot with seven epipodial tentacles on each side, some setose. Head is prominent with a pair of long fringed tentacles with the eyes at their base.

Found in dredgings (8-2000 m) on stony, shelly or gravelly bottoms

Only in the northern part of the North Sea (Distr. A. crispata).