Ansates pellucida

(Linné, 1758)

Description (shell):
This limpet is almost confined to Laminaria plants where it occurs in two forms, A. pellucida pellucida on the fronds (less frequently on fronds of Fucus serratus ) and A. pellucida laevis within the holdfast.
The shell of A. pellucida pellucida is a thin, smooth, depressed cone, with apex close to, or at, anterior margin; posterior profile markedly convex (A. pellucida-drawing).
The taller and more robust shell of A. pellucida laevis has prominent concentric growth lines, giving it a ledged profile, invariably surmounted by a distinct apical region exhibiting features of the A. pellucida pellucida shell.

A. pellucida pellucida : up to 20 x 15 mm.
A. pellucida laevis : up to 20 x 8 x 10 mm.

A. pellucida pellucida : translucent, horn-coloured, patterned with bright blue rays.
A. pellucida laevis : dull and devoid of blue rays, though it may have red rays.

Cream coloured, tinged with brown. Mantle is fringed with long and short filaments. Tentacles are slender, eyes small.

Occurs intertidally on Laminaria , and occasionally on low level (LWST) Fucus serratus ; extends sublittorally to 27 m.

Distributed from Iceland to Portugal (Distr. A. pellucida). Also reported off Helgoland by K. Janke (Harms, 1993).