Assiminea grayana

Fleming, 1828

Description (shell):
Shell solid, semi-transparent, conical, with six or seven flat-sided or slightly tumid whorls; apex sharp. Appears smooth but with fine irregular growth lines and faint spiral lines. Aperture small, oval or ear-shaped, with a thickened peristome. Inner lip reflected over base of the last whorl; no umbilicus (A. grayana-drawing).

Up to 5 x 3 mm.

Dark horn or tan coloured, often with a broad rufous band on the last whorl.

Snout bilobed, drawn out into lateral keels, below which ciliated groove passes forward from mantle cavity down each side of foot. Cephalic tentacles short, rounded lobes with eyes at tips. Mantle edge without pallial tentacle. Operculum spiral (A. grayana-animal).

Limited to upper regions of salt-marshes, where it is often found crawling on mud and in brackish pools among vegetation; locally common.

Confined to North Sea coast between Kent and Humber and from the Netherlands to Denmark (Distr. A. grayana).