Bela brachystoma

(Philippi, 1844)

Description (shell):
Shell an elongate cone of seven or eight tumid whorls; sutures deep, profile rather turreted, with a narrow, beaded, swollen subsutural band. Sculpture of strong, flexuous transverse costae, slightly crescentic on upper whorls, spiral striae and growth lines. Spiral striae numerous, major spirals separate small groups of minors; more prominent than in Bela nebula; interaction with growth lines produces erect, scale-like and conspicuous tubercles. Aperture rather narrower than in Bela nebula.

Up to 7 x 3 mm.

Pale cream to chestnut-brown, perhaps with lilac tint.

Like that of Bela nebula,, but the colour is white with opaque white marks, especially on the back end of the foot and on the siphon, which may also show a brown tint.

Not intertidal; on sand and sandy mud from 4-60 m.

Locally common. Distributed from Mediterranean to Norway; absent from southern North Sea (Distr. B. brachystoma).