Cadulus subfusiformis

(Sars M., 1865)

Shell very small, smooth and shiny, constricted at both ends. The maximum diameter is more or less in the middle of the shell and the dorsal (concave) side of the shell has only a very slight median swelling. There are some longitudinal striations/annulations in the posterior region. The apex is simple. The pedal disc lacks any central filament. The radula bears a simple central tooth which has thickened lateral margins and a rather straight, thin, denticulate superior margin. The lateral teeth bear three distinct cusps and a number of smaller denticulations. The marginal teeth have a pronounced antero-lateral carination.

About 3 mm long. The length:breadth ratio is about 5-6:1.

At depths of 80 m or more.

Found in the northern parts of the North Sea (Distr. C. subfusiformis).