Chrysallida sarsi

Nordsieck, 1972

Shell ovoid-conical with intorted protoconch, which is typical for all Chrysallida species. Three or four slightly convex teleoconch whorls, the last one often more convex than the others. Sutures narrow and shallow. The numerous axial ribs are close together, flexuous and rather thin. On the first whorl the ribs are occasionally straight, on the other whorls always sinuous. Spiral ridges present on the lower half of postlarval whorls; the first and sometimes the second postlarval whorl may be smooth, perhaps due to erosion. On the last whorl there are seven to nine spiral ridges on its lower 2/3. The penultimate whorl has three to four spirals on its lower half and the antepenultimate whorl two or three. The protoconch without spirals. The aperture is rather high, drop-shaped; without a tooth. Generally there is an insignificant umbilical groove.

Up to 2.7 mm long.

White. Fresh shells are more or less transparent.

On the Atlantic coasts of Europe. Rare in Brittany and only rather common on the Dutch coast (Distr. C. sarsi).