Cima minima

(Jeffreys, 1858)

Description (shell):
Shell is glossy, nearly transparent, minute, rather columnar, with blunt apex and globular protoconch. With about five whorls; these are rather tumid with deep and distinctly oblique sutures. Last whorl occupies about half the shell height. The shell is devoid of ornament other than growth lines, which are C-shaped. Aperture is oval and occupies nearly a third of shell height. Outer lip has a deep anal sinus and peripheral bulge but only a slight basal eversion. There is a narrow umbilicus.

Up to 1.3 x 0.5 mm.

White or colourless.

The head forms a tapering ledge with the opening of an introvert on its underside and the two cephalic tentacles springing from it anteriorly. The animal has no eyes and lacks a ctenidium. A penis arises behind the right tentacle in every animal, which therefore seems to be hermaphrodite. The flesh is white.

Little known as the animals are often found by chance.

The distribution of this species is improperly known since it has almost certainly been overlooked on account of its minuteness (Distr. C. minima).