Colus jeffreysianus

(Fischer P., 1868)

Description (shell):
Shell similar to Colus gracilis , differing only in minor detail. Protoconch not swollen, its axis aligned with spire axis (C. jeffreysianus-drawing 2); whorls more tumid, spire slightly cyrtoconoid. Spiral striae stronger, less numerous (24-34 on last whorl), often forming fine reticulation with growth lines. Triangular area of last whorl lacking periostracum very much reduced or absent. Periostracum often rather hispid. Aperture like that of Colus gracilis ; outer lip arises at level of spiral stria 8 or 9 on last whorl, siphonal canal relatively longer, about 16-20 % of shell height (C. jeffreysianus-drawing).

Up to 50 x 25 mm.

White, perhaps with bluish or pinkish tinge, periostracum light horn-coloured.

Body similar to Colus gracilis ; cephalic tentacles longer, less flattened, with eyes nearer to the tip.

On soft substrata from 30-2000 m.

Distributed from Mediterranean to Norway and Iceland (Distr. C. jeffreysianus).