Doto dunnei

Lemche, 1976

This is a highly distinctive species and reaches 25 mm in length. The body is dark brown or black, with 7-8 pairs of cerata, each having 7 concentric circlets of rounded tubercles, most of which exhibit both terminal and basal dark brown specks. Pigment-free areas of the epidermis surround the bases of all the cerata. The frontal margin of the head is expanded laterally to form small flaps. Each rhinophore sheath bears dark brown spots, and is slightly flared, with a smooth pale rim. The best distinguishing features are the broad body, and the dark pigmentation (D. dunnei-detail).

This species feeds on the hydroid Kirchenpaueria pinnata .

Although only recently described by Lemche from Galway Bay, D. dunnei is now known also from west Scotland (near Oban), from Northern Ireland and from Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel (Distr. D. dunnei). Outside Britain it is known only from Galicia (northern Spain).