Ensis americanus

(Gould, 1870)

Shell large, broad, curved. The anterior pallial scar is directed forwards. The anterior adductor scar is slightly longer than the ligament (in specimens of up to about 10 cm does not reach beyond the ligament). The lateral teeth up to half the length of the ligament. The ligament is about three times longer than the anterior pallial scar. The posterior adductor scar is separated from the pallial sinus by a distance of its one length.

Up to 180 mm.

Pattern of pink to purple-brown colour bands on brownish background. Periostracum dark-brown or greenish.

In shallow water (0-25 m), in sandy or muddy bottoms.

A North American alien, first recorded in 1979 near the Dutch coast, now rapidly spreading in northern direction (Distr. E. americanus).