Epilepton clarkiae

(Clarck W., 1852)

Description (shell):
Shell thin and fragile, inequilateral, umbones posterior to midline; obliquely oval. Sculpture of very fine concentric lines and irregular, radiating striations; growth stages clear. Each valve with one cardinal tooth and single anterior and posterior lateral teeth; distinct in right valve, less so in left. Adductor scars and pallial line indistinct.

Up to 2 mm in length.

Colour yellowish white, periostracum indistinct, visible as darker bands about the growth stages.

The mantle, which is fringed with long tentacles, protrudes nearly all round. The foot can be flattened in such a manner that it resembles the foot of a snail and it is used in similar fashion.

Distributed from the lower shore into the sublittoral, in association with various species of sipunculid.

Reported from south and west coasts of the British Isles (Distr. E. clarkiae); present in Mediterranean.