Epitonium clathratulum

(Kanmacher, 1798)

Description (shell):
Shell like that of the other Epitonium species but not over 12 mm high, thin and glossy; up to 18-22 costae on each whorl, thin vertical lamellae not curving up the spire, making only slight contact with those in the whorl above, and none with their neighbours; outer lip hardly or not at all turned out basally. The shell has about 11 whorls which form a straight-sided spire. Last whorl occupies about 40 % of shell height, aperture about a quarter.

Up to 12 x 4 mm.

White, with a yellow stain on the columella.

White and with the same appearance as the other species of this genus.

30-100 m deep.

The species ranges from the western Mediterranean to Norway. In the British Isles they have been found mainly in the south west, but there are recent records from Galway Bay, Orkney and the southern North Sea (Distr. E. clathratulum).