Euspira fusca

(de Blainville, 1825)

Description (shell):
Shell similar to Euspira pulchella but with distinct, slightly channelled sutures. Outer lip arises tangential to last whorl, initially slightly concave; umbilicus elongate, partially occluded by inner lip, which is narrowed by groove passing into umbilicus, but not interrupted as in Euspira montagui (E. fusca-drawing).

Up to 25 x 20 mm.

Periostracum often retained over large part of shell, which is chestnut-brown.

Body as in Euspira pulchella ; anterior margin of propodium rounded.

Sublittoral, on muddy sand to 165 m.

Not common. Distributed from Mediterranean to western Channel, west coasts of Ireland and Scotland (Distr. E. fusca).