Galiteuthis armata

Joubin, 1898

A spacious closed body cavity. Head is short and narrow. Eyes are very big. Mantle of adults is attenuated posteriorly into a long acuminate, needle-like tail. Fin is lanceolate, not so wide as long. Arms with two rows of suckers; arm sucker rings are smooth; no hooks on arms. Tentacles are long, with slightly widened clubs, bearing four rows of suckers with denticulate rings; club hooks with one tooth, with widened base and an aperture reduced to a small slit; hooks covered by a hood; marginal suckers on the central part of the clubs are reduced or absent.

Meso-bathypelagic and benthic-bathyal species.

Tropical and northern subtropical Atlantic, from the Bay of Biscay to the Gulf of Guinea and Straits of Florida, Mediterranean Sea (Distr. G. armata).