Haliella stenostoma

(Jeffreys, 1858)

Description (shell):
Shell tall and slender, with a blunt apex. The shell has about ten slightly but distinctly tumid whorls; though they are slightly tumid the sutures (which lie rather more obliquely than is usual) are extremely inconspicuous. Their position is sometimes made clearer by a white band of shelly material on their abapical side, with the false suture appearing as a dark line below that. Last whorl occupies rather more than half the shell height. The surface shows only a few faint growth lines. Aperture is long (occupies just over a third of shell height), very narrow, its breadth being only about 40 % of its height, with long axis apparently curved. In side view the outer lip is a little flexuous with a shallow anal sinus in its adapical half, a slight bulge in its abapical half.

Up to 10 x 2.5 mm.

Colourless (fresh), white (old and empty).

The animal is like that of Eulima species but is blind and has no pallial tentacle. It is white with some brown pigment on the mantle edge.

The animals live, probably with ophiuroids, 70-3000 m deep, on soft bottoms.

Occurs between the Mediterranean and Norway. They are rarely found; local records are few, mainly northern, and, apart from one off Shetland, all of empty shells (Distr. H. stenostoma).