Jujubinus striatus

(Linné, 1758)

Description (shell):
Shell solid, conical with six or eight flat-sided whorls. Sculpture of spiral ridges; growth lines fine, may give nodular appearance to spiral ridges, especially in apical and basal areas of shell. Inner lip occludes umbilicus in adults, young shells with open umbilicus (J. striatus-drawing).

Up to 10 x 8 mm.

White, creamy, or greenish with brown blotches and stripes. Apical two or three whorls often pink.

Snout with some sensory papillae, cephalic tentacles setose, mantle edge double and slightly lobed. Foot with papillae on sides, and edging sole; anterior margin double. Three pairs of epipodial tentacles, each with basal sense-organs.

On weeds, especially Zostera , at LWST and down to 200 m.

A southern species extending northward from the Mediterranean to south-west coasts of the British Isles; north as far as Isle of Man, and east to the Channel Isles where it is common.