Limea loscombi

(Sowerby G.B. I, 1823)

Description (shell):
Shell thin, fragile, tumid; approximately bean-shaped in outline, anterior dorsal margin markedly more convex than posterior. Inequilateral; ears small, triangular, anterior slightly more prominent than posterior, with a very small byssal notch ventrally. Valves not gaping. Sculpture of numerous (>50) fine radiating ribs, of varying width, and finer concentric lines. Ears without ribs. Growth stages clear. Hinge line straight, with a slender, fusiform cardinal area (L. loscombi-drawing).

Up to 20 mm in length, generally less.

Colour white, translucent.

Coloured bright orange, the long tentacles of the same hue curling back over the white shell present a striking contrast. Constructs a nest with its byssal threads.

Occurs offshore, from 10-200 m, on fine muddy gravel or sand.

Not in the southern North Sea (Distr. L. loscombi); distributed south to the Mediterranean and north-west Africa.