Littorina neglecta

Bean in Thorpe, 1844

Description (shell):
Shell globular, rather thin, with three or four tumid, superficially smooth whorls; spire short, blunt, last whorl comprising >85 % of shell height. Sculpture of very fine spiral striae and prosocline growth lines, latter often more pronounced on last whorl. Aperture very rounded; outer lip thin but lacking periostracal flap (cf. Melaraphe neritoides ) and with no ridge on internal surface, meeting last whorl almost at right angles; inner lip reflected over columella region, extending as a glaze on last whorl towards origin of outer lip. No umbilicus or umbilical groove.

Up to 5 x 4.5 mm, often smaller.

Colour variable, pale with dark, often tessellated markings, or darker (brown) with light areas; frequently a dark spiral band, bordered by cream, follows periphery of last whorl and enters aperture. Columella region and throat brown, base of aperture white.

Body similar to Littorina littorea , cephalic tentacles without transverse stripes, penis with elongate tip and single row of three to seven glands; female ovoviviparous, with brood pouch. No light diagonal band across mantle floor.

Most common on exposed or moderately exposed shores, in empty barnacle shells and crevices towards lower limits of barnacles, and below (recorded from Laminaria holdfasts and Corallina ). Less common on sheltered shores but may be abundant in salt-marshes.

Distribution imperfectly known (Distr. L. neglecta).