Lomanotus genei

VĂ©rany, 1846

Adult specimens may reach 94 mm in length; there is considerable variation in the coloration of the body. The pallial cerata take the form in juveniles (up to 3 mm) of sparse papillae along the pallial rim, but in the adult condition this rim is enlarged to form a sinuous frill on either side of the body. The cerata are vase-shaped; the largest are often curved at the tip and they may bear gill-like wrinkles (L. genei-variations).

This species feeds upon the hydroid Nemertesia ramosa in coastal waters down to 90 m. If disturbed, it may swim clumsily, by lateral contractions of the whole body.

First recorded in the Gulf of Genoa, this unusual species bas been found in the Bay of Naples, the French coast between Nice and Banyuls-sur-Mer, and in localities in Brittany and Normandy, as well as all around the British Isles. In the North Sea restricted to the Shetland area (Distr. L. genei).