Lucinella divaricata

(Linné, 1758)

Description (shell);
Shell is solid, equivalve and almost equilateral; beaks are about the midline and directed inwards and slightly forwards. Outline is approximately circular in outline but tending to be a little deeper than long. Ligament is deeply inset extending beneath and across the valves. Lunule is small. Sculpture of lines diverging from the centre of the shell to the margins; concentric lines also present. Growth lines are clear. Right valve with one conspicuous cardinal tooth and two small laterals; left valve with two cardinals and two anterior and two posterior laterals. Adductor muscle scars are about equal. The shell margin is crenulate.

Up to 12.7 mm in length.

Outside and inside of shell are white (L. divaricata). Periostracum is slight.

Found in the German Bight (Distr. L. divaricata). Distributed south the Mediterranean and Black Sea, and to Madeira and Canary Isles.