Mangelia attenuata

(Montagu, 1803)

Description (shell):
Shell a slender, slightly translucent, glossy cone of up to nine tumid whorls (breadth about 30 % of height); sutures deep, without a subsutural band, profile slightly turreted. Sculpture of narrow, flexuous, buttress-like costae, dipping sharply to sutures; fine, flat spiral ridges and flexuous growth lines visible with hand lens; spiral element often more pronounced towards apex. Protoconch of three and one-half whorls, smooth, becoming reticulate. Aperture long, narrow, almost parallel-sided; anal sinus small, with slightly flared margin; siphonal canal rather long. Outer lip with varix in older shells; inner lip reflected over columellar region, without clear delineation.

Up to 18 x 5.5 mm.

Light horn-coloured with darker spiral bands; costae milk-white.

Like the other Mangelia species, but has eyes near the base of cephalic tentacles. Colour white with opaque white spots.

Sublittoral, on sand or clay bottoms down to 150 m.

Distributed from Mediterranean to Northern Norway; absent from southern North Sea (Distr. M. attenuata).