Nassarius pygmaeus

(Lamarck, 1822)

Description (shell):
Shell similar to Nassarius incrassatus , but basal spiral channel shallower. Spiral striae less numerous (4 or 5 on penult whorl, 5 spirals on the basal boss), ribs less flexuous, with more pronounced reticulation than in N. incrassatus ; whorls of spire may have varices. Aperture with nine or ten teeth internally on outer lip, inner lip not extending so far over last whorl (N. pygmaeus-drawing).

Up to 14 x 8 mm.

Shell colour similar to Nassarius incrassatus ; with brown siphonal canal, but lacking dark mark on roof. Columellar not white.

Body as in Nassarius incrassatus , but siphon and metapodial tentacles longer and anterio-lateral horns on foot more pronounced.

Sublittoral only, on sandy bottoms from 1-1200 m.

Not common (Distr. N. pygmaeus). Distributed from Mediterranean, north along western coasts of British Isles to Shetland.