Nucula nitidosa

Winckworth, 1930

Shell solid, equivalve; inequilateral, beaks behind the midline; triangular in outline. Fine radiating striations and fainter concentric lines visible with hand lens. Growth stages clear. Anterior hinge line curving about the horizontal when the posterior is vertical; 20-30 hinge teeth anteriorly, 10-14 posteriorly; lunule lanceolate, poorly defined; escutcheon broadly elliptical, pouting. Margin of shell finely crenulate (N. nitidosa-drawing).

Up to 13 mm.

Shell white or grey with bluish growth lines; periostracum very glossy, olive or yellow-olive, often with concentric bands of light yellow.

On silt and fine sand. Down to 100 m.

Common, and often abundant in the North Sea. Distributed from Norway south to the Mediterranean and west Africa (Distr. N. nitidosa).