Onchidoris inconspicua

(Alder & Hancock, 1851)

Despite its name, this species is no more (and no less) inconspicuous than other species of the genus. It may attain a length of 12 mm and is always rather flattened in profile. The mantle is pale, with a tinge of purple, sprinkled with brown. The most distinctive external feature is the presence on the dorsum of small rounded tubercles. There may be up to ten simple pinnate gills around the anal papilla. The oral veil lacks tentacles.

O. inconspicua feeds on the encrusting bryozoa Cellaria sinuosa in shallow sublittoral localities.

Most British records are from the Irish Sea, although the type locality was on the Northumberland coast (Distr. O. inconspicua). Elsewhere it is known from the Gullmarfjord in Sweden to the Bassin d'Arcachon.