Onchidoris luteocincta

(Sars M., 1870)

This colourfull species reaches 11 mm in length, white in colour, with vivid crimson blotching on the tuberculate dorsal mantle. The red pigment is very superficial and tends to rub off. The pallial tubercles are sparse, white and conical. Around the mantle skirt at a little distance from the edge is a narrow band of lemon-yellow. The metapodium has a yellow edge and a median white keel. There may be up to 7 gills forming a circle around the anal papilla.

Probably, it feeds on bryozoans such as Crisia and is often found on silt covered rocks, to 50 m.

Distributed from Norway to the Mediterranean Sea, but rare in the North Sea (Distr. O. luteocincta).