Pandora pinna

(Montagu, 1803)

Description (shell):
Shell thin and brittle, elongate, elliptical, umbones close to anterior margin; dorsal margin straight posteriorly, sloping anteriorly, ventral margin strongly convex. Left valve convex, right valve flat, with a distinct dorsal flange where it joins the left. Sculpture of fine concentric lines, conspicuous only on right valve; left valve with a single, fine ridge extending posteriorly from umbo. Right valve with a single tooth-like ridge anterior to a slender, raised chondrophore; left valve with a corresponding socket, a ridge anterior to it and a slender, raised chondrophore posteriorly. Adductor scars distinct, pallial line a series of small, round scars.

Up to 20 mm long.

Dull white, periostracum light brown. Inner surfaces white.

Lives in deeper water than Pandora albida, where it has no need to to burrow deeply; therefore the siphons are shorter and the shell is less drawn out posteriorly.

Occurs offshore.

Generally uncommon (Distr. P. pinna). Distributed south to the Mediterranean and north-west Africa.