Parvicardium ovale

(Sowerby G.B. II, 1840)

Description (shell);
Shell obliquely oval. Up to 26 flat ribs; concentric ridges poorly developed, apparent between ribs close to shell margin. Tubercles sparsely developed on ribs, usually present only at anterior and posterior margins; anteriorly forming flat scales, posteriorly more spine-like. Growth stages clear. Each valve with two small cardinal teeth; right valve with two anterior and one posterior lateral teeth, left valve with single anterior and posterior laterals, the anterior being the larger. Adductor scars clear, pallial line broad, ill-defined, external sculpture visible as grooves which extend beneath umbones.

Up to 13 mm.

Yellowish white, periostracum thin and indistinct. Inner surfaces glossy white.

Colour white. The mantle edge is plain, the transparent foot is long, slender, and finger-shaped.

In sand and gravel, offshore to about 100 m.

Distributed from Iceland to the Mediterranean and Canary Isles (Distr. P. ovale).