Polycera notha

(Johnston, 1838)

In this hardy little species, the ground colour of the body is dark brown to olive green, with pale brown or white excrescences. The lamellate rhinophores and the tripinnate gills (up to 5 in number) are brownish. The frontal margin is slightly bilobed and bears a variable number of short, finger-like, pale brown papillae. On either side of the branchial circlet is a cluster of club-like, pale papillae. Over the remainder of the dorsum and flanks are numerous low pale tubercles. The pedal sole and the flattened oral lobes are virtually colourless. The general texture of the body is, compared with Polycera dubia , more firm and less transparent.

It feeds upon the bryozoa Bowerbankia imbricata .

This species is amphi-atlantic and certainly occurs in shallow waters all around the British Isles, occasionally down to 30 m (Distr. P. notha).