Sepietta neglecta

Naef, 1916

Similar to Sepietta oweniana , but with a proportionately more slender, elongate body. Small, total length without tentacles up to 50 mm. Tentacle club with less than 20 rows of suckers. Club suckers are very small, in more than 16 rows; dorsal suckers are not larger than ventral suckers. There are 4 clearly enlarged suckers on left dorsal arm of male in dorsal row of suckers distal to the copulatory apparatus. Horn of the copulatory apparatus is short, much shorter than half of the arm width, slightly bent (S. neglecta-detail).

Upper sublittoral.

Uncommon. Reported from the northern North Sea, and off the west coasts of Scotland to the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic coast of Marocco (Distr. S. neglecta). It is a Mediterranean species which comes north with the Atlantic Drift.