Trichotropis borealis

Broderip & Sowerby G.B.I., 1829

Description (shell):
Shell conical, with up to five tumid whorls; covered by a conspicuous periostracum. Sculpture of prominent, chord-like spiral striae of variable dimension, and fine prosocline growth lines. Periostracum on major striae drawn out into stiff bristles. Aperture rather triangular, tapering basally to a V-shaped spout; outer lip thin, crenulate, with periostracal margin; inner lip reflected over columella, forming a narrow umbilical groove.

Up to 11 x 6 mm.

Shell whitish, periostracum light horn coloured.

Snout short, bifid, with short, dorsally grooved pseudoproboscis; cephalic tentacles long, thin, with eyes on lateral bulges near base. Foot double edged anteriorly and laterally; operculum triangular.

Sublittoral, on stones and shells from hard bottoms; 10-270 m.

Locally common. Circumboreal; occurs in the northern North Sea (Distr. T. borealis).