Trophon truncatus

(Ström, 1768)

Description (shell):
Shell a tall, sharply-pointed cone of seven tumid whorls, slightly turreted, with deep sutures. Sculpture of sinuous, laminar costae, growth lines and weak microscopic spiral striae; costae variable in number (14-25 on penultimate and last whorls), crests sharp and wave-like, tending to overrun base at leading edge. Aperture oval, with shallow anal sinus and rather short siphonal canal (about 50 % of aperture height); distally, the canal bends away from plane of aperture; outer lip thin, smooth internally.

Up to 15 x 7.5 mm.

Yellowish with pink tinge, throat darker.

Distal third of cephalic tentacles narrow, with eyes set on lateral bulges at junction with broader basal portion. Foot with double-edged anterior margin and slight anterio-lateral horns; operculum small, oval.

On stony and gravelly bottoms, from LWST to 200 m.

Not uncommon in dredged samples. Circumboreal, extending south into northern North Sea and down western coasts of British Isles to Biscay (Distr. T. truncatus).