Velutina plicatilis

(Müller, 1776)

Description (shell):
Shell similar to Velutina velutina ; periostracal covering thick, with small bristles, obscuring much of shell contours. Sculpture mainly of irregular growth lines, which may be strong enough to affect periostracum; fine spiral lines may occur. Aperture oval, drawn out basally to right; outer lip thin, flexible, may distort in dried specimens.

Up to 15 x 12 mm.

Periostracum yellowish; shell white or pinkish.

No snout, tentacles set on a transverse ridge. Tentacles are long but can contract to blunt knobs; each with a basal eye. Foot sole 8-shaped with flattened anterior border. Colour white, yellow or orange.

Sublittoral, associated with compound ascidians and hydroids on hard substrata; 10-375 m.

Not common. Circumboreal, extending into northern North Sea and down the west coast of Scotland (Distr. V. plicatilis).