Vitreolina philippi

(Rayneval & Ponzi, 1854)

Description (shell):
Shell a tall, narrow cone of 10-11 flat-sided whorls; spire bent along its axis; transparent when fresh. Smooth, with occasional very slight growth lines and varices. Aperture narrow, drop-shaped; outer lip with peripheral bulge in side view (V. philippi-drawing).

Up to 8 x 2.5 mm.

Whitish and transparent when fresh, older shells opaque and creamy.

Head comprises a projecting ledge with the opening of an introvert on its underside and with divergent tentacles arising from its anterior edge, each with a basal eye. Foot narrow, sole with a median groove; opercular lobes large and equal. Colour white with yellow and red marks.

Common on soft substrata from LWST to 200 m, apparently associated with various echinoderms.

Distributed from Mediterranean to Norway; absent from eastern Channel and southern North Sea (Distr. V. phillippi).