Philine scabra

(Müller, 1784)

Description (shell):
The overall length of the internal shell is 15 mm. It is oval, cylindrical in form, thin, fragile, translucent white; the aperture is moderately wide open and it is shorter than the spire. Minute sculpture is present, consisting of spiral rows of oval dots, giving a chain-like appearance. These chains often project in a saw-tooth fashion along the anterior part of the shell's outer lip (P. scabra).

Body up to 20 mm, white, sometimes with dark specks. Cephalic shield very long and narrow, indented anteriorly. Posterior part of body rendered elliptical by shell (P. scabra-drawing).

In sand and muddy sand, offshore. The diet of P. scabra is unknown, but it may itself be eaten by flatfish.

It has been reported from Iceland and from NW Europe (Norway to the Mediterranean Sea), West Africa and Madeira, to 1500 m (Distr. P. scabra).