Jujubinus exasperatus

(Pennant, 1777)

Description (shell):
Shell pyramidal, flat-sided, apex pointed; taller than broad. It may be distinguished from Jujubinus striatus by more nodular ornamentation to the spiral ridges, which are fewer in number (4-5 compared with 8-9) on the upper part of the body whorl.

Up to 8 x 7 mm.

Varies: background may be pale brown, reddish or greenish; white areas may occur on spiral ridges and nearly always there are blotches of carmine, which often form alternating red and white stripes on the whole shell.

Much as in other Gibbula species. Lacks mid-ventral fold on snout; margins of cephalic lappets are lobed. The three pairs of epipodial tentacles have each a basal sense organ. Snout and sides of foot are brown, its sole cream, like neck lobes and cephalic lappets.

Habitat and Distribution:
Has similar distribution and habitat as Jujubinus striatus but is less common.