Liomesus ovum

(Turton, 1825)

Description (shell):
Shell glossy, broad and conical. The protoconch is small and insunk, giving the blunt apex. There are 5-6 tumid whorls which, though smooth to the naked eye, bear fine growth and spiral lines, and often retain a thin periostracum. The last whorl is large (occupies 80-85 % of shell height). Siphonal canal short and broad. Aperture large (occupies 60 % of shell height).

Up to 35 x 23 mm.


The animal has two rather short tentacles, each with a basal eye, arising from a transverse fold which represents the head and carries on its underside the opening of a proboscis pouch. The siphon is rather long. Males have a sickle-shaped penis attached behind the right tentacle, and the foot carries an oval operculum. The body is cream coloured (L. ovum-eggs).

The animals live on soft bottoms, in depths of 70- 400 m or more.

From the Arctic seas to the northern parts of the North Sea (Distr. L. ovum).