Mangelia coarctata

(Forbes, 1840)

Description (shell):
Shell squat with 7-8 tumid whorls, spire clearly cyrtoconoid; blunt tip. Distinguished from Mangelia attenuata by deep anal sinus and wider, less elongate siphonal canal. Sculpture of strong, flexuous costae (7-8 on the last whorl, 8-9 on the others), not dipping sharply to sutures, and numerous fine spiral ridges. Spiral ridges fine, may not be very conspicuous at low magnification; 50 or more on penultimate whorl, often more pronounced on upper parts of spire.

Up to 12 x 5 mm, commonly half this size.

Chestnut-brown, with white base to last whorl or cream with broken spiral bands of chestnut.

Eyes half-way up cephalic tentacles. No operculum.

On sandy bottoms, LWST to 25 m.

Distributed from Mediterranean to Norway. Absent in the southern North Sea (Distr. M. coarctata).