Trophon muricatus

(Montagu, 1803)

Description (shell):
Shell a tall, narrow cone of seven or eight tumid whorls; sutures deep. Sculpture of costae, spiral striae and fine growth lines; costae numerous (15-20 on penultimate whorl), narrow, interacting with cord-like spiral striae to give a deep reticulation set with raised tubercles; spiral striae numerous (11-15) on last whorl, reducing to five or six on penultimate and two or three on upper whorls of spiral. No spiral striae on sloping subsutural shoulder of each whorl. Protoconch rather inflated, set obliquely on telcoconch. Aperture elongate-oval, with shallow anal sinus and long, straight siphonal canal, about equal to aperture height; outer lip thin, crenulate, and grooved internally.

Up to 19 x 8 mm.

Yellowish, often with spiral brown bands; some shells colourless.

Body similar to Trophon truncatus ; eyes set about halfway along cephalic tentacles.

Sublittoral, on muddy, sandy, and gravelly bottoms from 20-300 m.

Not uncommon. Distributed from Mediterranean to south and west coasts of British Isles (Distr. T. muricatus).