Limapontia capitata

(Müller, 1774)

The overall length of the smooth body may reach 8 mm, but usually does not exceed 4 mm. It is dark brown or black in colour, with paler areas surrounding the eyes, on the elongated metapodium, and sometimes in the middle of the back. The anal and renal openings are situated near the midline, very close together, about one third of the length of the body from the posterior tip (L. capitata-dorsal view ;L. capitata-juvenile).

This active little sacoglossan may be found in coralline rock pools in the middle of the shore in clean coastal areas. It feeds upon fine filamentous algae such as Cladophora (from which it rarely strays), Enteromorpha and Bryopsis .

Distribution from the White Sea, Iceland, Faroes, and NW Europe from Norway to the Mediterranean Sea (Distr. L. capitata).